30 Eyl 2012

Cenotaph - Puked Genital Purulency [1999]

Brutal Death Metal | Ankara | More Info

1. Mutilated Genitalia In Lack Of Resurrection Under Effective Punch
2. Superimposed Guttural Vociferations Of Ulceric Anal Turgor
3. Paralysed, Clitoridectamimized, Spreadeagled , Molested Cadaver
4. Multipurpose Utilization From Lustly Shredded Scummy Vaginal Discharge
5. Verbalized Opinions About Intravaginal Umbilical Corded Fetus In Uterus
6. Sickened By His Own Pathologic Fancy Of Collecting Ingots Of Humanial Meat
7. Ex-Feminine Promiscuous Masculine's Solidified Klitoris Swallowed By Vermins In Coffins

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